Life in Sitia County

The pristine and calm natural landscape that constantly changes and pleasantly surprises the visitor, the images of rural life, often primeval and picturesque, the beautiful wild flowers of the fall, winter and spring and the sand lilies of the summer, the numerous aromatic plants; the old stone-built farms, the birds, the free range herds, the endless olive groves and vineyards, the meadows and the gardens around the villages, the view of the high mountains, the deep blue and the open horizons of the sea, all comprise a magical scenery, a pleasure for the eyes and the soul and a journey to a dream world. The religious rituals and the feasts at the village churches provide the perfect opportunity to experience local traditions as well as the local way to have fun with marvelous music, traditional dancessome of which are easy to learn!

Apart from the traditional ways of entertainment, there are also events and clubs with modern music and dances that last all night long.

In all the villages there are traditional coffee shops and taverns, where visitors can enjoy a greek coffee, herbal teas, or the famous tsikoudia (raki) and taste the local foods and specialties, that often differ from village to village!

The food is always cooked with olive oil - which is the best in the world- while the salads and the fruits served are often produced by the family that owns the tavern.

A walk in the villages will give visitors the opportunity to see buildings of traditional architecture, picturesque streets, fountains, and other works of folk architecture and beautiful old and new churches, symbols of the vivid religious tradition of rural Crete. Visitors will also take a glimplse at the villager's everyday life and experience their warm hospitality.

Sitia county

On the Eastern coasts of Crete the predominant Sun, too strong to be ignored will be revealed to you. The power of the sunlight magnifies the visitor's senses.


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