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What to see

Sitia county has it all - beautiful coasts, bare mountainsides, rocky hills, wild gorges, caves and more!

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What to do

A trip to Sitia is a trip at the roots of the European civilization.This place referred in the ancient myths.

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Where to stay

You can find apartments for rent, beautifull and luxurious villas, and small family hotel.

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What to eat

You can taste this cuisine in the traditional taverns and local restaurants.

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Sitia: So hard to say goodbye !

Sitia: So hard to say goodbye (Short Cut)

Sitia: Discover the authentic Crete

What To See and Do at Sitia County

Essential 1

Beautiful Coasts

In the Sitia district there are many beaches of dazzling beauty and crystal blue waters.

Essential 2

Natural Routes

The city of Sitia and its wider region is characterized by a plain landscape with green and fertile valleys and beautiful villages

Essential 3

Places of Natural Beauty

The nature of Sitia district remains rich and virgin.

Essential 4

Gorges and Caves

The wider region of Sitia, and especially its southeastern part, is characterized by exceptionally beautiful gorges and caves.

Essential 5

Archeological and Historical Sites

The extremely rich and bright past of the region is certified by the many extendent archeological excavations and historical researches .

Essential 6


The people of Sitia have always been deeply religious and this shows in the 12 monasteries that were built in the region of Sitia.


  • Sitia county
  • History & Culture
  • Landscapes
  • Rural Life

  • Sitia county

    The Sitia province, thanks to its climate, its geological formations, and its pristine nature is an ideal place to experience the four elements that form the world in their most ancient form and power: Earth, Water, Air, and Light. The earth, high in the mountains of the mainland, the water, in the seas of the endless beaches and the small islands surrounding it, the air in the sides and tops of the hills, and the light, the powerful and living sun in the beaches and the open horizons of the East and the South.

  • History & Culture

    Each historical era has left its sign in the soil of Sitia. During the declining years of the Minoan civilisation, the city of Presos continued to uphold Minoan values, successfully holding off Dorian invaders.

  • Landscapes

    Two areas of the Sitia province are integrated to the "NATURA 2000" network (EU guide 92/43/ AIE), which are of great interest, in terms of natural environment.

  • Rural Life

    As rich and beautiful the nature in Sitia district is so interesting and alive is the rural life there. The grounds of Sitia, the plains, the valleys the hills and the feet of the mountains are cultivated while the rest of the land, the mountainsides the holly and olive tree forests the acres covered with prickly brooms, sage, thyme and other aromatic plants offer lodging and food to many free-range flocks of sheep and goats.

Sitia county

On the Eastern coasts of Crete the predominant Sun, too strong to be ignored will be revealed to you. The power of the sunlight magnifies the visitor's senses.


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